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Will be here as soon as I determine what exactly goes into a permissions post.


Aug. 17th, 2012 05:27 pm
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"I'm not you--"

The person standing in front of him was identical to himself in every respect, but somehow younger. There was something unburdened and innocent about this other self's bearing, something so new. Painfully so, like bright green growth on a tree in the spring, which comes at the expense of the organism's energy stores. It hurts a little, to remake oneself.

"I'll never be you--"

The other self stared with accusation in his eyes, yet also with some amount of jealousy. Words fell from his lips without first being moderated and condensed by centuries of second thoughts, and the worst part was that he knew it. He knew what he lacked, and how irreplaceable it was, and how he would never, ever be as great as the self standing before him. What he didn't realize, though, was that he had something equally irreplaceable.

"And I don't know who you were," he continued, his voice shaking, "but you're dead now."
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Character name | Shadowsphere name: Guru Clef | Cephiro

Character canon | Canon point: Magic Knight Rayearth (Manga) | Post-canon

Original app: here

Birth Dream: here

Other notes: His powers are capped at slightly above what they were when ES ended. I was vague about what that was, but what it amounted to was essentially a couple of low-powered attack spells (could do visible damage to a normal tree or small house, but not insta-kill a monster), a couple of shield spells, some really basic and tiny illusion spells, and general magic-sensing abilities. In addition, I would like for him to have healing abilities with the caps given in the FAQ - because of the kind of person he is, it will essentially mean that he won't fully heal extensive injuries due to the toll it will take on him.

Also, the ability to change his apparent physical age is one that he used in ES, and I'd like for him to keep it - it has absolutely no practical use in a survival situation, but it's an ability that I assume pretty much all members of his species have. And, who knows, he might actually use it! He'll be showing up in Shadowsphere in bitty form, though.

Anyway, that's pretty much an exhaustive list of what magic I want him to have. He'll of course know a lot more different spells than in ES, but they'll be powered down to the level of the ones Cephiro used. Spells that don't fit into the above categories (like sleeping spells) or would by their nature affect a larger area or do greater damage will simply fail in some hilarious fashion, as though they were summoning spells.


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